A B O U T_ U S

Every culture in the world has a myth, a set of stories which defines the
culture and binds it together in a collective consciousness. These
stories tell us of our past, present, and future as a people.

As we take our first baby steps into a new millennium, a single global
culture begins to emerge, and we long for one cohesive story to explain
who we are, not as individual cultures, but as a single species. We

At this juncture in our evolution, we are faced with problems of global
magnitude, which threaten our very survival. We will be ill-equipped to
combat these issues if we remain a species divided by broad cultural
and religious boundaries, without a real knowledge of our past...who
we are, where we came from, and, ultimately, where we're going.

The HOMINIDAE Project represents a grassroots effort to achieve one
single, collective story to bind us together as a species rather than
divide us. We at HOMINIDAE are in a unique position to contribute to
this ambitious undertaking. We represent a multidisciplinary group of
scientists, journalists, and media professionals from a wide range of
public and private institutions working toward a common goal. In an
area of science where division is too often the norm, we strive to be a
forum for the unity of ideas and synthesis of a common human
evolutionary model. We realize the innate interest in the public for
information regarding our origins, so we share here with the world our
fascination with and dedication to our past, our future, and our story.

TOUMAI Sahelanthropus tchadensis